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Tieguanyin tea brewing method and time

Tieguanyin tea brewing method and time

1. Grade of tea
I believe friends who have bought Tieguanyin will understand that if the quality of Tieguanyin is too poor, the price is too cheap, and it does not reach a certain level, then no matter how good your brewing skills are, it will not help, and it will not taste good no matter how you brew it. .

2. Brewing time

The editor has done a special study on the interval between brewing Tieguanyin tea. This problem seems to be a bit more complicated. First of all, you need to check the tenderness of the tea you buy. Generally, the tenderness will be clear after brewing. For the time being, we divide the tenderness into three parts: tender, medium and old. (Tip: if the level is reached, it will usually be moderately old and young)

If the tea leaves are relatively tender, then the first steeping time after washing the tea should be about 15 seconds before pouring out, and the subsequent soaking time should be extended for 5 seconds. Generally, 6-7 steeping times for tea is enough.

If the tea is moderately old and tender, then the first brewing time is 20 seconds and the tea soup is poured out, and then the tea soup is delayed for 5 seconds. Generally, after brewing for about 7 brewing times, the tea soup will be basically tasteless.

If the source leaves are older, the first brew should be soaked for more than 25 seconds, and each subsequent brew should be soaked for 10 seconds, making about 4 brews.

This kind of tea soup has the aroma of tea but is not too strong to affect the taste. Of course, this is not an absolute value and should be used as a reference. The specifics must be based on personal preference.

3. Brewing water temperature

The water temperature for brewing Tieguanyin tea has been controversial for a long time. I checked on the Internet. Some said it tastes best when brewed between 80-90 degrees, some said it tasted best when brewed at 90-95 degrees, and some said 100 degrees. The best degree. In this regard, we conducted a telephone survey among 100 friends who often drink Tieguanyin tea. 7% supported 80-90 degrees, about 16% supported 90-95 degrees, and the highest proportion supported brewing at 100 degrees. I think it is more practical for the minority to obey the majority.

4. Brewing equipment

This seems to be an old topic, but I think it needs to be mentioned again. Brewing Tieguanyin is suitable for tureen tea sets. As for the material, there is not much restriction, such as white porcelain tureen, purple clay tea tureen, etc. As long as it is a tureen, we Normally, I don’t have to be so particular about what I drink, just pass it.

5. Wash tea

After the above preparations are completed, the next step is to officially enter the brewing process. The first step is of course to wash the tea. According to the custom of brewing Tieguanyin, there is usually a step of washing the tea. The tea washing speed should be fast. After the boiling water is poured into the bowl, the water can be poured out directly by covering the bowl lid. There is no need to wait to avoid the loss of nutrients in the tea leaves.

6. Don’t be bored with tea

When brewing Tieguanyin tea, be sure not to make it stuffy, that is, you must pour the tea thoroughly every time, and there should be no residual tea at the bottom of the bowl, because this can easily cause stuffy yellowing, which is also a taboo for Tieguanyin tea.

7. Amount of tea added

For old tea drinkers, these are not problems, but if you are a new fan of Tieguanyin, then you still have to talk about it. At present, more than 95% of the net weight of Xiaopao Tieguanyin tea is between 7-8 grams, and our normal All tureens are also made according to this specification, except for specially customized ones. Therefore, the amount of tea added is generally about 7-8 grams.

8. Brewing water quality

All teas are particular about the quality of brewing water, but the most particular one is probably Tieguanyin tea. The most charming thing about the flavor of Tieguanyin is that it can be enjoyed while drinking. The Tieguanyin brewed with good water quality will have a clearer taste, a more mellow taste, a purer aroma without any foreign smell, and a better smell. Therefore, mountain spring water is the best. Of course, mineral water and purified water are also acceptable. Tap water is not recommended.

In conclusion:

To sum up, it is not difficult to make a good cup of Tieguanyin tea. In fact, the most difficult thing about Tieguanyin tea is "buying". Personally, I think it is better to buy higher-grade tea if it is light-flavored or strong-flavored, so that no matter the aroma, Or tea, both would be great. If you want to buy a lower-grade tea, from the perspective of drinking, I think it would be better to buy carbon-cultured Tieguanyin. The advantage of carbon-cultured tea is that it can adjust the smoothness of the tea to the maximum extent. A slightly lower-grade carbon tea Pei Tie Guanyin tea is generally pretty good.

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