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How to make the maintenance of a celadon tea set?

The celadon tea set is so beautiful, what kind of tea is it suitable for? How to maintain it?

As early as the Eastern Han Dynasty, the production of pure, transparent and luminous celadon began.

In the Jin Dynasty, the Yue kilns, Wu kilns and Ou kilns in Zhejiang were already of considerable scale. Celadon tea sets began to develop in the Jin Dynasty. At that time, the main production area of ​​celadon was in Zhejiang. The most popular one was a spouted teapot called "Jitou Liuzi".

After the Six Dynasties, many celadon tea sets were decorated with lotus flowers. The teapot of the Tang Dynasty was also called "Chazhu" and the spout was called "Liuzi". It was short in shape and replaced the Jitou Liuzi of the Jin Dynasty. It is said that the daughter of Cui Ning, the governor of Xichuan during the Tang Dynasty, invented a tea bowl holder. She made a circle of wax to fix the position of the tea bowl on the plate. Later it evolved into a porcelain saucer, which was the common saucer later, and is now called "tea boater". In fact, as early as in "The Rites of Zhou", saucers such as cups and bottles were called "zhou", which shows that "zhou" The name "ship" has existed since ancient times.

Characteristics of celadon tea sets

Celadon is famous for its exquisite porcelain quality, bright and smooth lines, dignified and simple shape, pure and beautiful color. The porcelain industry in the Tang Dynasty has become an independent department. The poet Lu Guimeng of the Tang Dynasty once praised celadon with the famous line "the wind and dew of nine autumns bloom over the kiln and capture the green color of thousands of peaks". Celadon is "as green as jade, as bright as a mirror, and as loud as a chime". It is called the "flower of porcelain" and is rare and valuable.

The celadon tea set has a thin and solid body, beautiful shape, full glaze and jade texture. In the mid-Ming Dynasty, Chuanzhou caused a sensation in France. People couldn't find the right words to call it, so they compared it to the green robe worn by the heroine Xue La in the famous drama "Sheep Girl" and called it "Xue La Tong". ”, which is now collected in many museums around the world.

Among porcelain tea sets, celadon tea sets appeared earliest. During the Eastern Han Dynasty, Shangyu, Zhejiang Province, had already produced celadon tea sets. It later experienced a period of prosperity in the Tang, Song, and Yuan dynasties, but fell into neglect during the Ming and Qing dynasties.

Celadon tea sets are mainly produced in Zhejiang, Sichuan and other places. Among them, the celadon tea sets produced by Longquan Kiln in Longquan County, Zhejiang Province are famous for their simple and robust shapes and jade-like glaze color, and are known as the "Flower of Porcelain" by the world.

During the Southern Song Dynasty, Longquan celadon with excellent texture was not only widely spread among the people, but also became the main commodity in the dynasty's foreign trade exchanges.

What kind of tea is suitable for making celadon tea sets?

Celadon tea sets are suitable for drinking green tea, clear tea, fragrant tea, and pekoe bird dragon. They are all suitable for brewing in pots with higher density. Celadon tea sets are better! In addition to having many advantages of porcelain tea sets, this kind of tea set is also more beneficial to the beauty of the color of the soup when used to brew green tea because of its green color. However, if you use it to brew black tea, white tea, yellow tea, and dark tea, the tea soup will easily lose its original appearance. When using tea utensils, you should mainly appreciate the color, feel and unique cultural connotation of the tea utensils.

Among them, celadon tea sets are most suitable for making green tea. Celadon is better in glaze color, which can highlight the color of tea soup. When brewing green tea, choose blue and white porcelain that is white and thin, which is good for observing the color of the tea soup and dissipating heat. If green tea is not soaked in boiling water for a long time, it will become cooked and the taste will change. Therefore, making green tea requires the tea set to be white and thin to facilitate heat dissipation, and the water temperature should not be too high.

How to maintain celadon tea sets

Of course, tea sets are used to make tea. When using celadon tea sets to make tea, you can first dip the pot pen into tea juice to moisten the surface of the tea set. Then you can appreciate the changes in the cicada wing pattern on the surface of the tea set, and then start making tea. The most important thing is to clean the celadon tea set after each use. When cleaning, wash the inside and outside of the tea set, and avoid contact with oil. The washed celadon tea set should be placed in a dry and clean place.

A good tea set not only needs to make tea, but also needs to be maintained. Every authentic celadon tea set will have a unique spirituality after careful maintenance and play; the changes in the cicada wing pattern of the celadon tea set are different for each piece, which is also This creates a unique situation in the world and is a great collection.

Of course, raising a pot requires continuity, just like raising a pet that needs to be fed every day. Maintaining a celadon tea set also requires regular use in order to grow a good pot. Seeing the aesthetic changes of the texture of the celadon tea set integrating with the tea, in addition to the collection value, it also has a pleasing function.

In general, the celadon tea set not only has an exquisite appearance, but also has a noble temperament and good tea making effect. Its maintenance work is also relatively easy. For tea lovers, you can consider purchasing a celadon tea set for making tea. Tea.

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