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Characteristics of celadon tea sets

Characteristics of celadon tea sets

Celadon is a type of traditional Chinese porcelain. Apply celadon glaze (turquoise glaze with iron as colorant) on the body and fire it in a reducing flame.

Characteristics of celadon tea sets

Celadon is famous for its exquisite porcelain quality, bright and smooth lines, dignified and simple shape, pure and beautiful color. The porcelain industry in the Tang Dynasty has become an independent department. The poet Lu Guimeng of the Tang Dynasty once praised celadon with the famous line "the wind and dew of nine autumns bloom over the kiln and capture the green color of thousands of peaks". Celadon is "as green as jade, as bright as a mirror, and as loud as a chime". It is called the "flower of porcelain" and is rare and valuable.


The celadon tea set has a thin and solid body, beautiful shape, full glaze and jade texture.

Among porcelain tea sets, celadon tea sets appeared earliest. Celadon tea sets are famous for their simple and robust shapes and jade-like glaze color, and are known as the "flower of porcelain" by the world.

Benefits of making tea with celadon tea set

The color of celadon glaze is as warm and moist as jade. When you pour different tea soups into it, it will have different charms, and you will have different feelings with different teas. The blend of tea soup and porcelain jade is beautiful.

The tea set is made through complex craftsmanship. The tea leaves will not become moldy or deteriorate. The high-temperature porcelain glaze is smooth and stable and does not take away the flavor of the tea, allowing the tea soup to maintain its original flavor.

Celadon glazes come in a variety of colors, and sculptures, calligraphy and paintings are added to embody life and taste in tea sets. They enhance the fun of drinking tea, cultivate one's temperament, and nourish one's body and mind.

Celadon is rich in minerals needed by the human body and is heavy in iron. It has the functions of regulating human endocrine and blood lipids, blood sugar, and cholesterol levels, reducing liver fire, improving gastric function, and filtering urinary poison.

What kind of tea is suitable for making celadon tea sets?

Celadon tea sets are suitable for drinking green tea, clear tea, fragrant tea, and pekoe bird dragon. They are all suitable for brewing in pots with higher density. Celadon tea sets are better! In addition to having many advantages of porcelain tea sets, this kind of tea set is also more beneficial to the beauty of the color of the soup when used to brew green tea because of its green color. However, if you use it to brew black tea, white tea, yellow tea, and dark tea, the tea soup will easily lose its original appearance. When using tea utensils, you should mainly appreciate the color, feel and unique cultural connotation of the tea utensils.

Among them, celadon tea sets are most suitable for making green tea. Celadon is better in glaze color, which can highlight the color of tea soup. When brewing green tea, choose clear flower porcelain with a white and thin body, which is conducive to observing the color of the tea soup and dissipating heat. If green tea is not soaked in boiling water for a long time, the soup will appear cooked and the taste will change. Therefore, making green tea requires the tea set to be white and thin to facilitate heat dissipation, and the water temperature should not be too high.

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