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What kind of tea is suitable for Yixing purple clay teapot?

What kind of tea is suitable for Yixing purple clay teapot?

Yixing purple clay teapot is suitable for brewing black tea, dark tea, Pu'er tea, old white tea, oolong tea, and Wuyi rock tea.

The Yixing purple clay teapot has a double pore structure, which can better adapt to sudden changes in cold and heat. Secondly, the purple clay teapot has good heat preservation. When used to make tea, it can maintain the balance of the tea soup and absorb the odor of the tea, thereby maintaining the purity of the tea aroma. In addition, it can also increase the aroma of tea and ensure the maximum stimulation of taste and aroma.

Black tea is post-fermented tea. There is artificial heap fermentation in the early stage, and microorganisms are involved in post-fermentation in the later stage. During the transformation process, if the temperature and humidity are not controlled well, it is easy for the dark tea to have an odor. The purple clay teapot is a porous material with a double pore structure, with fine pores and high density. Using a purple clay pot to brew black tea will not lose the original flavor, but it can also activate the tea aroma and get the true aroma and flavor of the tea juice. It makes up for the shortcoming that Pu'er tea and dark tea are prone to odor. After some odors, warehouse odors, and pile odors are absorbed by the purple clay teapot, the exchange effect can also make the tea soup taste better, and the tea's own aroma can be better released, thus Ensure the mellow taste of tea soup.
There are three reasons why you use purple clay teapots to brew black tea and oolong tea.

1. The double pore structure of the purple clay teapot can better adapt to sudden changes in cold and heat.

2. The heat preservation of purple clay teapot is better.

3. The purple clay teapot is very easy to absorb odor and can retain the tea aroma on the wall of the pot. Frequently using the purple clay teapot to brew the same tea creates the unique taste of "one pot for one tea".


For brewing black tea, you can choose purple mud or red mud. Zhu mud has relatively weak air permeability, but its fragrance and fragrance are particularly good. It is a good choice for Tieguanyin and black tea. Duan mud is loose and has a poor color. Refreshing, suitable for brewing old white tea or lightly fermented tea. A teapot made from slope mud and other mud materials can have a capacity of about 200ml.

Among the six major types of tea, oolong tea has the highest aroma. When brewing oolong tea in a pot, part of the aroma of oolong tea will remain in the pot as the tea is brewed. The longer the pot is used, even if no tea is put in and only boiling water is poured in, The aroma of tea is still attractive, which is the biggest feature that other tea sets do not have.

Zisha has a strong tea-producing property, which can be used to bring out the tea-like aroma of highly fragrant oolong tea or Wuyi rock tea. In addition, due to the breathability of the purple clay pot, there are many small bubbles inside the pot wall, which form a good thermal insulation effect, thereby maintaining a consistent temperature of the tea.


Purple clay mud has good air permeability, good tea affinity, and wide range of tea suitability, so there are more tea types to choose from. Whether it is cooked Pu or rock tea, you can choose a purple clay pot to brew it.

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