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What kind of tea are suitable for brewing in purple clay teapots of different capacities and shapes?

What kind of tea are suitable for brewing in purple clay teapots of different capacities and shapes?

Drinking tea to maintain health has increasingly become the choice of many working people. Zisha teapots are commonly used tea sets. What kind of tea is suitable for brewing in Zisha teapots? Is it related to the shape and size of the teapot?

In fact, when making tea in a purple clay pot, in addition to considering the clay material, you can also make a choice based on the capacity and characteristics of the pot.

The suitability of purple clay teapot for tea

Gold, jade and purple clay are held in the hand, and the pot is full of fragrant green tea and green leaves.

The unique double pore structure of the purple clay teapot allows it to absorb tea soup. A long-used purple clay teapot can make light tea soup with boiling water alone, even without adding tea leaves.

Zisha teapots are best used for brewing semi-fermented tea or fully fermented tea. For example, Tieguanyin, Dongding Oolong, Pu'er tea, Dancong tea, etc. Of course, purple clay teapots of different specifications also have different characteristics, so purple clay teapots of different specifications are suitable for brewing different teas. The suitability of purple clay teapots for tea is quite wide.

What kind of tea is suitable for brewing in purple clay teapots of different capacities?

1. When brewing tea in a purple clay pot, generally those with a higher sound frequency, such as Zhu Ni, are suitable for brewing tea with a strong aroma, such as green tea; those with a slightly lower sound are better suited for brewing with tea with a stronger flavor, such as oolong, Tieguanyin.

2. A flat and short purple clay teapot with a capacity of less than 200ml is most suitable for drinking Tieguanyin, because the teapot can reach high temperatures in an instant, which just meets the brewing requirements of Tieguanyin. (Such as Xu Bian, He Huan, Fang Gu, etc.)

3. Pu'er tea and black tea require a long heat preservation time. It is best to drink Pu'er tea and black tea from a deep, narrow and long purple clay pot of about 250ml (such as a stone ladle, a Xishi teapot, etc.).

4. A wide-mouth purple clay teapot of about 250ml is a better choice for making green tea, because green tea is not suitable for long-term high-temperature soaking, and it requires the tea set to dissipate heat as quickly as possible (such as antique teapots, well railing teapots, column bases, virtual flats, etc.).

What kind of tea is suitable for brewing in different types of purple clay teapots?

Take square pots, round pots, and flat pots as examples:

Square purple clay teapot

The key to the production process of a square purple clay pot is that the mud must be made very evenly. The difficulty and failure rate in joining the pieces is high.

The internal angle of the square vessel makes it difficult for the tea leaves to roll and the water flow to be blocked, but the square appearance is eye-catching in terms of shape.

It is very suitable to use a square purple clay pot to brew Pu'er ripe tea, which can bring out the aged flavor of Pu'er.

Flat purple clay teapot

Flat purple clay teapot, suitable for brewing Wuyi tea in the shape of strips. For example, a clay teapot is used to brew roasted Wuyi tea. This purple clay teapot can always conceal the dryness of roasting and fully express the charm that tea should have.

The ratio of purple clay pots to flat pots is relatively low. The reason is that the sintering success rate of this pot shape, that is, the "yield rate" is low.

The relatively flat shape of the pot has a full sense of stability, allowing the rope-shaped tea leaves to sit calmly in the pot and release the full aroma with peace of mind.

When water is poured into the flat pot, the water flow is naturally buffered due to the short wall of the flat pot. In addition, the space inside the pot is small, making it easier for the tea leaves to soak into the water tepidly and gently spit out the essence.

The space of the flat pot does not allow for any selfishness, which is where the Wuyi tea rock charm comes into play. Therefore, if you want to brew Wuyi aged tea, or if you want to use a pot to reduce the roasted smell of tea, then the flat purple clay teapot is most suitable.

Round purple clay teapot

As a rule of thumb, round purple clay teapots are best for brewing oolong tea.

Why? Because oolong tea stems are rolled into balls, and the round pot provides enough space for the hemispherical tea leaves to fully stretch.

If you like to drink oolong tea, it is most practical to buy a round purple clay teapot. The reason is: after the round purple clay teapot is filled with tea and water, the round wall allows the water to flow in the pot, and can more gently mix the water and the tea leaves. Doing a close combination is beneficial to making tea.

A round purple clay teapot is suitable for brewing oolong tea. Next, you can further consider the material used in the round teapot, because the same round teapot is made of different materials, which will also affect the tea brewing effect.

Only with a comprehensive understanding can you buy a practical round pot without confusion.

The important thing is that you must make tea yourself to experience it, so that you can grasp the match between tea and pot, understand the relationship between clay materials and tea-producing properties, and return to the origin of tea-based pots.

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