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7 tips to prevent purple clay teapots from cracking in winter

Why is the teapot more likely to crack when making tea in a purple clay pot in winter? Revealing the 7 tips for using a purple clay teapot


For Pu'er tea enthusiasts, the most satisfying thing is to brew a cup of hot tea in a purple clay pot, creating a "warm and caring" winter tea drinking atmosphere in minutes. However, although there are many benefits to using a pot to make tea in winter, there are also many precautions. For example, if you know the following 7 cold facts in advance, you can avoid the minefield of tea making, avoid damaging the pot, and drink good tea.


1. Never brew new tea in a pot

Compared with brewing tea in a tureen, the purple clay teapot has good heat preservation performance, which makes it easier to stimulate the aroma and flavor of the tea. It greatly magnifies the advantages of a tea. However, not all Pu'er teas are suitable for brewing in teapots. Friends need to be clear that purple clay teapots are more suitable for brewing vintage tea and teas with a certain degree of fermentation;

New tea, especially fresh tea, has delicate raw materials, so brewing it in a pot will increase the bitterness of the tea soup.

2. Warm the pot before making tea

The purpose of the warm pot is to heat the tea set evenly. Tea lovers can quickly increase the temperature of the pot by adding a small action of "drenching the pot" after filling the water normally, making the Pu'er tea more fragrant.

3. Wash the tea before making it in the pot

Most of the tea brewed in purple clay teapots is old tea. Due to the long storage time, the tea leaves will inevitably be contaminated with some dust. Washing tea can remove dust, impurities, etc. attached to the surface of tea leaves to a certain extent, making drinking tea more secure.

4. Before making tea, you should wake up the tea in advance

Because the tea you are brewing is old tea that has been stored for a certain period of time, you can wake up the tea in advance to reawaken the quality of the tea and remove some foreign impurities in the tea leaves.

For some pressed teas such as cake tea and brick tea, the tea can be pried half an hour to an hour before brewing, and then brewed to make the brewed tea taste better.

5. The soup comes out slightly faster than the tureen.

The good air tightness of the purple clay pot and the higher temperature of the pot make it easier for the substances contained in the Pu'er tea to precipitate quickly. Therefore, attention should be paid to controlling the speed of the soup. The soup should be made faster than the tureen, otherwise it will become stuffy. To the tea leaves, causing the tea soup to have a bitter taste (especially raw tea) or making the tea taste too strong.

6. Separate the teapot for raw and cooked tea.

Due to the strong adsorption of purple clay teapots, brewing tea with different tea properties in the same teapot will not only affect the taste of the tea, but also cause the teapots to have different flavors.

In the case of multiple purple clay teapots, tea drinkers can use them according to different clay colors, vessel types, etc. to avoid confusion about the teapots used for making raw and cooked tea.

7. Do not wash the pot with cold water immediately

The temperature is low in winter. After the purple clay pot is used up, the tea set is still in a "high temperature" state. If you wash it directly with cold water after brewing, it is easy to reduce the service life of the tea set due to uneven heating, thermal expansion and contraction, or directly cause the purple clay to become damaged. The pot breaks.

The correct approach is to put the purple clay pot aside to cool down naturally after use, and then wash it with cold water after the temperature returns to "normal temperature". Of course, the better way is to clean it directly with hot water.

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