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6 tips to help you grow a good-looking purple clay pot which is shared by an old pot keeper

Old pot friends share tips to help you grow a good-looking purple clay pot

In the circle of pot lovers, how to raise a pleasing purple clay pot has been a common topic; pot lovers have various ways of raising pots, and behind these various methods is a unique purple clay pot; if you want to To develop a warm and smooth patina, don't be too hasty. As long as you master the essentials, maintaining a pot is an easy task. The editor will share it with you and see how the experts maintain the pot.


1. Treat the teapot as the apple of your eye, adjust your mentality, and care for the purple clay teapot like a child; do not give up halfway during the maintenance process, be sure to persevere, and the purple clay teapot will return the favor.

2. Now that you have decided to make the purple clay teapot a new partner in your life, you should make tea frequently if you have time. Use boiling water or tea soup to rinse the outer wall of the pot, and use a brush to spread it evenly when you are not making tea. Wipe the surface of the pot to quickly develop the pulp.

3. In addition to the water bowl, you can also prepare a "bath" specifically for the purple clay pot, and let the purple clay pot enjoy a "tea bath" from time to time; it should be noted that after each soaking, the surface of the pot must be cleaned, otherwise it may This results in uneven color and different shades of the outer wall, especially a dark circle at the bottom.

4. After each tea brewing, rinse the inside and outside of the pot with hot water; do not use chemical cleaners with pungent odors, otherwise the tea aroma that has been accumulated for a long time will be wasted; in addition, during the cleaning process, It is recommended that teapot lovers use soft cotton cloth to wipe. Never use rough cloth or even iron wire balls, which can leave scratches and affect the glossy texture of the teapot.

5. Purple clay teapots also need to rest and recuperate. Long-term, uninterrupted brewing of tea leaves will keep the purple clay pots in a moist state, which is not conducive to maintenance. The correct approach is to prepare multiple purple clay pots for alternate use. After cleaning one, Open the lid and let it dry before use.

6. Just like the mahogany beads, you can rub the purple sand pot with your hands frequently to make it have a butterfly-like texture quickly; but remember, you must wash your hands before playing with them. If they are accidentally stained with oil, it will be the best. I'm afraid the tea leaves will be spoiled.

Raising a pot is not a day's work. If you are too eager for quick success and only focus on making the pulp appear, you may have deviated from the original intention of cultivating a pot. Purple clay pots and pot friends are like friends in life. They understand each other, get close to each other, and have a tacit understanding. It will be more profound, otherwise it will be alienating.

Generally speaking, raising a beautiful purple clay teapot will not only give you a sense of accomplishment, but also make people noble and more temperamental; purple clay teapots are not only daily necessities, but also works of art and collections. Taste the purple clay teapot and you will feel more from it!

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