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6 benefits of drinking Pu’er ripe tea in summer

6 benefits of drinking Pu’er ripe tea in summer

The hot summer is the most difficult time of the year, making people feel inexplicably irritable. At this time, hold a cup of Pu'er tea and take a sip. What a wonderful enjoyment it is.

But some people say that drinking Pu'er tea in winter is good for health. So in the hot summer, will drinking cooked tea with mild tea properties cause internal heat? Today we’ll take a look at some of the benefits of drinking Pu’er tea in summer.

Pu'er ripe tea has been fermented. The tea is mild in nature and mellow and soft in the mouth. Drinking ripe tea in summer can not only warm the body and remove dampness, clear away heat and quench thirst, but also warm and protect the stomach, while promoting sleep.

Who is suitable for drinking Pu’er ripe tea in summer?

1. Obese people

In summer, obese people are more suitable to drink Pu'er tea. The caffeine, vitamins, amino acids, phospholipids, etc. in Pu'er tea are helpful for human digestion and have obvious effects on inhibiting the increase of abdominal fat. Tea is rich in vitamin B1, which is a necessary substance that can fully burn fat and convert it into heat energy, thereby preventing fat accumulation.

2. People with high blood sugar

Because the tea polysaccharides contained in Pu'er tea have insulin-like substances that can lower blood sugar levels in the human body; polyphenols and their oxidation products can dissolve fat, promote the excretion of intravascular lipids, and reduce blood cholesterol levels, so people with high blood sugar You can drink Pu'er tea in moderation!

3. Female group

Pu'er tea contains a large amount of antioxidant trace elements such as zinc, manganese and selenium, which can whiten the skin. Moreover, the catechins, theaflavins, theanine, tea polysaccharides and more complex flavonoids in Pu'er tea have the function of scavenging free radicals, antioxidant and delaying cell aging.

4. People who smoke and drink

The caffeine in Pu'er ripe tea has a stimulating effect on the human bladder, is a diuretic, can sober up and relieve alcohol poisoning. The tea polyphenols in tea can scavenge free radicals in the smoke during smoking and reduce the toxicity of the smoke to the human body. At the same time, the tea polyphenols have a strong adsorption effect, so drinking more Pu'er tea can alleviate the toxic effects of heavy metals!

5. People with constipation

Ripe Pu'er tea can relieve summer heat, eliminate food and tiredness, and cleanse the intestines. In summer, people have a heavy gastrointestinal burden and suffer from constipation. Drinking ripe Pu'er tea is very beneficial to keeping the intestines and stomach smooth, so Pu'er tea is also known as the "scavenger in the body."

The benefits of drinking Pu’er ripe tea in summer

1. Health care and expel cold

Ripe Pu'er tea is "warm in nature and drives away cold". During the third lunar month, when the body is deficient and externally excessive, the deficient heat on the body surface masks the true coldness of the internal organs. It is especially suitable to drink Pu'er ripe tea with good tea gas penetration, thereby dispelling the internal cold and achieving the goal. Warming effect. In Pu'er ripe tea, enzymes and probiotics are gradually optimized over time, the penetration of tea gas is enhanced, and the aroma and taste become more stable and rich. In the summer season, it not only meets the taste needs, but also achieves a good warming effect.

2. Quench your thirst

Ripe Pu'er tea is rich in tea polyphenols, amino acids, water-soluble pectin, aromatic substances, etc. Compared with boiled water, it can stimulate the oral mucosa and promote saliva secretion. When the weather is hot and you are thirsty, there is nothing better than a few cups of Pu'er tea to quench your thirst.

3. Clear away heat and cool down

A cup of warm Pu'er ripe tea can promote the body's perspiration, thereby dissipating heat through the evaporation of sweat and taking away body heat. Caffeine and other ingredients in cooked tea can also stimulate the kidneys and promote excretion. Sweat evaporates more, speeding up the body's heat dissipation, making people feel more comfortable.

4. Lose weight

If you don’t lose weight in July, you will be miserable in August. The aromatic compounds in Pu'er tea can dissolve fat, reduce turbidity and greasiness, and prevent fat from accumulating in the body; catechins have the effects of antioxidants, improving metabolism, and reducing the accumulation of fat cells. With a cup of Pu'er tea in hand, you can get rid of all the fat this summer.

5. Relieve greasiness and aid digestion

In the hot summer, everyone generally has a loss of appetite. If you don’t pay attention to hygiene when eating, it will cause digestive tract diseases. Drinking Pu'er ripe tea all year round can help digest food and relieve fatigue, improve the function of intestinal microbial structure, and enhance intestinal immunity.

6. Calm and relax

In summer, when the temperature rises, the human body consumes more. When the heart is strong, people are easily upset and tired. The caffeine contained in ripe Pu'er tea can stimulate the central nervous system, clear the mind, and refresh the mind.

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