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5 ways to drink Pu'er tea to teach you how to get the most out benefits of it

5 ways to drink Pu'er tea to teach you how to get the most out benefits of it

The efficacy of Pu 'er tea has been recorded as early as "Compendium of Materia Medica". Since ancient times, traditional Chinese medicine has believed that Pu'er tea has the functions of clearing away heat, relieving heat, detoxifying, digesting, removing fat, diluting water, laxative, phlegm, expelling wind and relieving superficial symptoms, relieving cough and promoting fluid production, strengthening qi, relieving superficial symptoms, and clearing the head. Tea is more effective in reducing gas, diluting water, laxative and other subsidence effects. Zhao Xuemin of the Qing Dynasty said in the book "Supplements to the Compendium of Materia Medica". "Pu'er tea, with a paste as black as lacquer, is best for sobering up. The green tea is better, as it is particularly effective at digesting food and reducing phlegm, clearing the stomach and promoting fluid production."

Today's Pu 'er tea is known as "slimming tea", "slim tea", "beauty tea" and "longevity tea". So when drinking Pu'er tea, is there a step-by-step method to achieve the best results through reasonable drinking? How to maximize the effectiveness of Pu'er tea?

Serve tea after meal
The raw material of Pu'er tea is thick and thick. After being picked from the tea tree, it retains the most primitive "wildness" and can powerfully search for fat in the stomach. People often feel hungry while drinking tea. Especially for raw tea made without fermentation, some experts describe the flavor of raw tea as "domineering and strong". If you drink it directly, many people's stomach will be overwhelmed because it is too cold! Therefore, it is recommended that everyone drink tea after meals to avoid damaging the intestines and stomach. You can also eat some refreshments while drinking raw tea, which not only adds interest, but also plays a certain role in protecting the stomach.

Drink raw tea during the day
Raw tea contains more than 500 substances that are beneficial to the human body, including high levels of caffeine, catechins, tea polyphenols, etc., which can help the body remove free radicals and accelerate metabolism. It is also very suitable for people with dry and internal heat constitutions. Reduce fire, detoxify, clear away heat and resolve phlegm. The caffeine contained in raw tea can easily stimulate the human body and make people feel excited. It has a very good effect on refreshing the mind during the day. However, if consumed at night, it can easily have the opposite effect, causing people to toss and turn at night. Can't sleep.

Drink cooked tea in the evening
Because cooked tea has been fermented, its taste and tea properties are much mellower than raw tea. At a suitable concentration, drinking cooked tea not only does not cause irritation to the gastrointestinal tract, but can also enter the human gastrointestinal tract and form a thin film attached to the surface of the stomach. It plays the role of nourishing and protecting the stomach. At the same time, cooked tea can also help digestion and accelerate fat decomposition at night, so it has obvious effects on digestion and weight loss. Moreover, due to the particularity of the fermentation process, it also has a soothing effect. Drinking it at night is of great benefit to sleep.


Taste tea gall in summer

What is tea gall? Many people don't understand. To put it simply, storing the thickest Pu'er tea soup in a glass jar is called tea gall. Wait for a while and then add boiling water before drinking. It will still be fresh. This method is suitable for brewing by yourself when you go out in the summer, which is convenient and quick.

There is also a cold brewing method, which is to put the raw tea in an elegant cup and use cold water to brew it. The time is completely controlled by yourself. At first, you can use a small cup to pour a little out every five minutes and taste it until you finally find the cold brewing time that suits you best. On those days when the weather is the hottest, you can still put the Piaoyi Cup in the refrigerator for leisurely use. Heat can enhance the aroma, so the cold brewing method naturally eliminates the aroma of tea, and the flavor is completely integrated into the tea soup.

Winter tea paste
Tea paste is the Pu'er essence that is finally extracted from Pu'er tea after layers of refining. It is also the most powerful Pu'er tea. Tea paste is usually made into the size of a candy bar, almost black in color, smells like a strong traditional Chinese medicine, is very hard, and must be boiled before drinking.

1 gram of tea paste can probably brew a large pot of Pu 'erh tea for multiple people to drink. However, since tea paste is the essence of Pu'er tea and can easily cause internal heat and heat, tea paste is suitable for drinking in winter. On the one hand, when the weather is freezing in winter, tea paste can warm the stomach and replenish calories; on the other hand, tea paste has a very powerful ability to search for fat. In winter, when we eat a lot of greasy food but lack exercise, tea paste is undoubtedly a good choice. Good news for people. Boiling tea paste and drinking it in winter is really a killing two birds with one stone!

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