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10 benefits of drinking Pu 'erh tea regularly for women

Ten benefits of drinking Pu'er tea regularly for women

Women who drink Pu'er tea regularly must be very healthy. The health-preserving effects of Pu'er tea are already a well-known fact.
Pu'er tea can not only fight cancer and extend life, but also prevent heart disease.

1. She must be in good health

The health-preserving effects of Pu'er tea are already a well-known fact. Pu'er tea can not only fight cancer and prolong life, but also prevent heart disease, cardiovascular disease, thrombosis and fatty sclerosis; it can not only protect eyesight and prevent colds, but also fight breast cancer and help with pregnancy; it can also prevent periodontal disease and It can also reduce the degree of brain damage caused by stroke in Alzheimer's disease. Women who drink Pu'er tea regularly must be in very good health.

2. She really won’t age

In addition to preventing diseases, Pu'er tea also has beauty and beauty effects. The beauty function of rose Pu'er tea comes from the fact that roses are rich in vitamins A, C, B, E, K, and tannic acid. These ingredients have super antioxidants, which can increase the body's metabolism, dilute pigments, and make the skin more beautiful. Fairer and smoother. Women who drink Pu'er tea regularly will never age!

3. She must have a good figure

Pu'er tea is a health drink with scientific basis. Modern people often "trade their lives for money". Once the anti-cancer and health-care functions of Pu'er tea were confirmed by the medical community, the concept of "saving a long life with a small amount of money" not only strengthened the belief of tea lovers, but also attracted many people. New tea lover. In addition, Pu'er tea's pharmacological properties of removing fat, digesting, and losing weight have become popular among countless people who love beauty and body shaping, as well as middle-aged people who have gained weight. Therefore, women who often drink Pu'er tea must be in good shape.

4. She must be elegant and refined

Women who often drink Pu'er tea know how to appreciate and taste Pu'er, so they will have good cultivation and connotation, elegant conversation, good taste, and elegant and dignified temperament. If elegant dressing can be learned, but elegant temperament cannot be learned, it is an attitude originating from the heart: living elegantly. A man who walks with such a woman definitely has face.

5. She knows how to live interestingly

A quiet woman takes off her high heels at home, holds her slim hands, and takes a cup of tea. She goes to the balcony facing the sea, sits in a wicker chair, and slowly smells and sips the mellow fragrance with her red lips. . Only this kind of interesting woman knows how to enjoy life indifferently, and she can bloom as intoxicating beauty as Pu'er tea. Yunzixuan Pu'er tea.

6. She is open-minded and knowledgeable

Women who often drink Pu'er tea are open-minded and knowledgeable. They should be considered the best among women. When they realize the deep connotations of life, they do not forget to share it with the people around them. You will have a broader space for communication and a more interesting way of communication.

7. She has a more indifferent mood

A woman who loves tea has an indifferent state of mind. She can turn the sun, moon and stars of a season into a cup of clear dew, making paradise everywhere. A woman with an indifferent mood always has a gentle smile and a soft tone of voice, for fear of disturbing the cicadas chirping outside the window. Her face, where the warm sun has passed and the cold moon has brushed, is always written with carelessness and indifference.

8. She has strong aesthetic ability

Women who often drink Pu'er often evaluate the color, aroma and taste of Pu'er, thus developing a strong aesthetic ability. This ability makes her not fall in love with someone easily, but the men who make her heartbeat are extraordinary. They may not necessarily have a bright and eye-catching appearance, nor may they have a prominent identity background, but they must have unique personal charm and potential. Qualities of a successful person.

9. She is also a food expert and nutritionist

As the saying goes, a person's life cannot be separated from "firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, tea". Tea and food are inseparable. A woman who drinks tea regularly must be a food expert. She will also be very particular about nutrition, what is good to eat and what not to eat in excess. She will also change your eating habits to be healthier. Invisibly, you have another nutritionist.

10. She can show her femininity vividly

Women do not drink Pu'er tea easily. Once they drink Pu'er tea, they will have a different style. When a woman drinks Pu'er tea, she is often like willows blowing in the breeze, or purple swallows cutting water on the blue waves. A gentle sip brings infinite charm. Once a woman holds three cups and two cups of Pu'er tea, she will be able to drink the beauty of a woman. It is a kind of feminine flavor that makes people feel worried and affectionate. There was no tax on tea originally. It was not until the first year of Jianzhong in the Tang Dynasty that the imperial court imposed a tax on tea. At the beginning, the tea tax did not have a separate tax, but was levied together with lacquer, bamboo, wood and other agricultural products. It was equivalent to a modern agricultural specialty tax and was levied one-tenth ad valorem.

Thirteen years later, in the ninth year of Zhenyuan, due to the increasing popularity of private tea drinking, the rapid development of tea production, the growth of tea tax sources was so strong that the tea tax of one county exceeded the total mineral tax of the country. So the imperial court decided to classify tea tax as a separate tax, stipulating that product taxes should be paid at the place of production and commodity transit taxes should be paid during transportation. The national fiscal tea tax revenue reached 410,000 yuan that year. In the edict to collect the tea tax, the imperial court clearly announced that the revenue from the tea tax would be earmarked for special use, and the entire amount would be used to increase the capital of Changpingcang, a social security facility. Changping originated from the Ping Bian practice carried out by Li Kui in Wei during the Warring States Period. That is, the government purchased and stored grain in good years to avoid low prices and hurt farmers, and sold the stored grain in bad years to stabilize grain prices. Changpingcang originated in the Han Dynasty and was a granary set up by the government to regulate grain prices and store grain in preparation for shortages to supply official needs and people's food. In the early Tang Dynasty, most of the tea was produced in Yunnan and Sichuan. Because monks traveled around and spread the word, by the middle of the Tang Dynasty, tea was produced in more than 50 states. In the Tang Dynasty, people drank tea not by brewing it with boiling water like people do today, but by cooking it.

People in the Tang Dynasty were very particular about cooking and drinking tea. Due to different types of tea, different water quality, different proportions of tea and water, and different temperatures for making tea, the taste of tea is different each time. This very subtle difference can only be distinguished by those with great understanding after long-term training. Lu Yu's master Zhizhi Zen Master is such a master of tea tasting. Once, Master Zhi was summoned to the palace by Emperor Daizong of the Tang Dynasty for a long time. He wanted to drink the tea cooked by his disciple Lu Yu. At this time, Lu Yu happened to be in Beijing. He cooked a pot of tea and gave it to the blind old Zen master Zhi Shi by the eunuch. He just After taking two sips, he exclaimed: "This is the tea cooked by my disciple, Lu Yu can enter the palace!" Drinking tea is very beneficial to prolonging life. According to records, in the third year of Dazhong in the Tang Dynasty, a monk from Dongjun was 120 years old. Xuanzong summoned him to ask him the secret of longevity, and the monk replied: "I am a young man who knows nothing about medicine. He is naturally good at tea. He only seeks tea everywhere. He may eat more than a hundred bowls a day, but he can eat no less than forty or fifty bowls on a normal day." ", It seems that drinking more tea is the way to live longer. Lu Yu, who wrote the Book of Tea in the Tang Dynasty, was an orphan. When he was three years old, he was adopted by the elder wisdom master of "Jingling Zen Temple" in Tianmen, Hubei. He received education in the Zen monastery as a teenager and served as a tea maker for the wisdom master for a long time. There were as many as 150,000 child slaves in Buddhist temples across the country during the Tang Dynasty. Because Lu Yu was talented and eager to learn, he worked tirelessly on the knowledge of growing, making and drinking tea that had been carefully studied and disseminated by Buddhist monks. As more and more people drink tea, smugglers can make huge profits. In order to ensure national fiscal revenue, Tang law stipulates that anyone who sells private tea three times and the quantity exceeds 500 kilograms will be sentenced to death. As the imperial court banned private tea with severe penalties, tea taxes increased sharply. During the reign of Emperor Wuzong of the Tang Dynasty, the annual tea tax revenue exceeded 1.6 million yuan.

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