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What is the difference between a jianzhan tea cup and a normal teacup?

What is the difference between a jianzhan tea cup and a normal teacup?

There are not only teacups for drinking tea, but also teacups and teacups. The three may seem to be only one word apart, but they bring a different tea-drinking experience to tea drinkers. Many tea lovers are curious, why is Jianzhan called a teacup? What is the difference between a teacup, a teacup, and a teacup?

The tea cup is an ancient tea-drinking utensil and one of the indispensable utensils in the "tea ceremony" culture. As we all know, my country's tea culture emerged in the Han and Tang Dynasties and flourished in the Song Dynasty. Tea cups have also undergone major changes with the rise of tea culture.

The custom of drinking tea in China has a long history and has been very popular since the Han and Tang Dynasties. After entering the Song Dynasty, this trend became particularly popular. The most popular one at that time was "tea fighting", which was a more sophisticated art of tea drinking than tea making in the Tang Dynasty. The method of "tea fighting" pays attention to tea quality, water quality and technique. In order to create the best tea fighting effect, not only good tea quality and skillful skills are needed, but also high-quality tea cups. As the saying goes, "A good horse goes with a good saddle, and good tea goes with a good cup." "Tea Records" says, "Tea is white in color and should be served in black cups." This kind of tea fighting is clearly distinguishable between black and white. Therefore, tea-fighting experts all have a special liking for black-glazed tea cups (bowls) because they are the most suitable for "tea-fighting".

A teacup is a utensil for holding tea. Water comes from the teapot, is poured into the teacup, and then the tea is given to the guests. Tea cups are divided into two sizes: the small cup is mainly used for sipping oolong tea, also called the tea cup, and is used in conjunction with the aroma cup; the large cup can also be used directly as a tea making and tea serving utensil, and is mainly used for high-end and delicate tea cups. Tea tasting.

Tea cup - Su Dongpo's famous sentence "Always good tea is like a beautiful woman", which typically represents the obvious tendency of literati in the Tang and Song Dynasties and later to regard tea tasting as spiritual enjoyment. Tea cups have been recorded before the Tang Dynasty. "Bo Ya" said: "cups" began to have the name "tea cups" in the Song Dynasty. Lu You once wrote a poem: "The cane sometimes glares at the edge of the stone, and the wind stove always disposes of the tea cup." Modern people often call it tea cup or tea cup. A tea cup is a utensil for drinking tea.

Tea cups have had various names throughout the ages. Each name expresses the poet's imagination of tea people about the beauty of tea cups, and also reflects the changes in the shape of tea cups in different eras.

Jianzhan was created in the late Tang Dynasty and the Five Dynasties, and flourished in the Song Dynasty. It has always been the best tea drinking utensils. It was not only pursued by nobles and powerful families, but also used by the royal family in the Song Dynasty. It was produced in Jian'an County, Jianzhou Prefecture in the Song Dynasty, so it was called To build a lamp,


Jianzhan tea cup looks like a simple and ordinary small bowl, but in fact it has special functional design from the initial design to the final production. Therefore, drinking tea in Jianzhan can keep the temperature warm for a long time, and can improve the alkalinity of the tea soup, thus making it better. Inspire tea aroma.

Improve the taste: Many tea drinkers find that when drinking tea with a Jian Zhan, they will have a silky and smooth feeling, and the taste of the tea soup can be released to a greater extent. This gives people a refreshing feeling. Perhaps this is the charm that the ancients experienced when drinking tea with a jianzhan.

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