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What is Jianzhan teaware? There are several varieties of Jianzhan teaware

What is Jianzhan teaware? There are several varieties of Jianzhan teaware

1. What is Jianzhan teaware?

Jianzhan, also known as Jianzhan cup and Jianyao lamp, is a kind of tea set produced in Jianyang District, Nanping City, Fujian Province. Jianzhan appeared as early as the Song Dynasty and is a famous traditional Chinese porcelain. Jianzhan looks like a simple and ordinary small bowl, but in fact, it has special functional design from the initial design and subsequent production. Drinking tea with Jianzhan can keep the temperature warm for a long time, and can improve the alkalinity of the tea soup, so as to better Inspire tea aroma.


2. What are the characteristics of Jianzhan Cup?

As a unique tea set, Jianzhan has many characteristics. Here is a brief introduction:

1. The fetal bones of Jianzhan are thick and contain high iron content, and there is a metallic sound when struck.

2. The carcass of Jianzhan is thick and difficult to cool when hot for a long time. The tea can be kept hot and you will not drink cold tea.

3. The cup is built with a small base and a large mouth, like a funnel, which can easily reveal the aroma of tea.

4. The finished product rate of the lamps is low and there are no duplicates. Each lamp is unique.

5. Each Jianzhan is different, and its expressions vary widely.

6. Jianzhan teaware is generally glazed thickly and not fully glazed, with parts of the body exposed and a little dry mouth.

7. There are many small pores in the tire. These pores will absorb impurities in the water, reduce the hardness of the water, and make the water soft and glycol.

8. When the lamp is built on the black base glaze, naturally formed iron crystal spots will appear.

3. There are several varieties of Jianzhan teaware

Jianzhan has a history of nearly a thousand years since its invention in the Song Dynasty. During the long development process, the types of Jianzhan have also greatly increased. They can be divided into different varieties according to different classification standards:

1. According to device type

Jianzhan can be divided into four major categories according to its shape, namely open mouth, skimmed mouth, narrow mouth and bundled mouth.

2. According to kiln system

It can be roughly divided into Shuiji Kiln, Chayang Kiln and Yulinting Kiln. They are collectively called Jian Kiln. The tea sets produced here are called Jian Kiln Zhan, or Jian Zhan for short.

3. According to glaze color

The main classification of Jianzhan is based on glaze color. Jianzhan has many different glaze colors, including black gold glaze, rabbit hair glaze, partridge spot glaze, obsidian glaze, green glaze, persimmon glaze, gold color glaze, hair spot glaze, Various kinds of variegated glazes.

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